7 Things You Must Know About
HIPAA Security

Do you have questions regarding the new HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule?

We know HIPAA security can be overwhelming. This paper will highlight 7 things that will help you understand the HIPAA Security and Omnibus Rules and guide you to what you need to do to comply with HIPAA.

You'll learn:

  1. Which organizations need to comply with HIPAA.
  2. Insight into the HIPAA Risk Management process.
  3. Details of a HIPAA Risk Assessment. 
  4. What the benefits are of using encryption.
  5. What the steps are to creating a security incident response plan.
  6. What is required from a HIPAA security training program.
  7. Requirements for HIPAA security policies and procedures.

You will gain valuable insight into the requirements of the HIPAA Security and Omnibus Rules. Written in plain English and clearly explained.